Proposed Library Construction Plans Presented to Knox School Board

Sheila Urwiler

Knox Library Director Sheila Urwiler and Library Board members Dave Bullock and Amie Flora discussed the library’s proposed construction plans with the Knox Community School Board Monday night. Superintendent A.J. Gappa talks about their presentation.

“Since three sides of their property borders the Knox school property, they wanted to give an update on what they want to do and also ask for some cooperation with the board on movement of a sidewalk and tying some sanitation lines into the lines that come through our property which could be a money saver for everyone because if it’s cheaper to tie into these lines and it’s feasible, it makes perfect sense. As they expand their parking lot on the south side of the library, they may tie an entrance or exit into the horseshoe drive of the Elementary School, that is located off of Culver Road, to help with the traffic flow.”

Gappa said the project may be a win-win for both the Corporation and the Library.