Knox Community Schools Laptops Benefit Students, Teachers

Knox Community School Superintendent A.J. Gappa

Knox Technology Coach Chris Ross gave a laptop usage update to the Knox Community School Board members this week. Superintendent A.J. Gappa says it has been a learning experience for teachers and students.

“We talked about how the staff has transformed from the beginning of last year where they were all entry level and how they’ve progressed throughout the school year – some more rapidly than others because they’re handier with technology,” said Gappa.

Gappa said that Chris Ross conducted a survey of 600 students and almost 50 staff members about the transition to the use of laptop computers for school work.

“People are becoming more comfortable with using the computers. Kids find them more fun and they’ve become more engaged because of the computers. The staff also saw the increase in engagement of students doing the lessons,” said Gappa.

Students seem to be progressing quite well.

“Mr. Ross also reported how students are progressing from just using the computers as a keyboard and now how they have become innovative. The goal was to have them become creative and innovative by using podcasts, iMovies and more tools as they make presentations and do their lessons,” said Gappa.