Knox School Board Receives Facilities Study Update

Knox Community School Superintendent, A.J. Gappa

The Knox Community School Board members met Monday night where Superintendent A.J. Gappa gave the members a facilities study update.

“As far as the elementary school is concerned, we’re just moving forward,” stated Gappa. “I met with Dana Wanamaker, architect with Barton, Coe Vilamaa, just to give us some estimates on general figures as to what it might be for renovation versus building a new wing. We don’t have any figures on that yet. I anticipate meeting with Curt Pletcher from Umbaugh and Associates, the financial people, because we want to pin it down to be able to tell people, if we need to do something, how much it’s going to affect each individual person.”

Gappa also said the board has some high hopes for their welding program.

“We’re optimistic and moving forward with getting a welding program going, which would be located at the southwest corner of the middle school where the old wood shop used to be,” said Gappa. “I believe that will move forward even very soon. Probably within the next month, we will have work going on to convert that room.”