Library Expansion Project To Include Driveway Connection To Elementary School

Henry F. Schricker Library

Representatives from the Starke County Public Library approached the Knox Community School Board members Monday night to discuss their upcoming expansion project. Superintendent A.J. Gappa explained that the library’s property is just north of the Knox Elementary School property and part of their project involves the school.

“They had some considerations they would like of the school,” explained Gappa. “They would like to expand their parking lot as they expand their library to the west and they would like to hook their parking lot into our horseshoe drive at the elementary school as a possible exit. That would allow them to have a much larger parking lot and free up the traffic. They said they would put some kind of a gate mechanism in there so it could be closed when necessary for the elementary as a safety precaution.”

A hookup to the sewer system was also requested.

“They would cut across our property to the south and it would save a lot of work for them to tie into the current sewer line they have,” said Gappa. “The third thing was they wanted to change a small sidewalk that connects an elementary sidewalk with the back of the library property.”

Gappa said the Board will make a decision at their next board meeting.

“The Board wholeheartedly supports the library and will probably vote to recommend that we cooperate with the library in every way possible as they move forward. At the next meeting, the board will probably take a vote,” Gappa said.