Knox Kindergarten Teachers Meet With Incoming Kindergartners

The kindergarten teachers from the Knox Community School Corporation and Peggy Shidaker, the director of curriculum and instruction, recently visited all of the incoming kindergarten students and their families to welcome them into the school corporation.

Shidaker discusses those visits.

“During those visits, we met the child, we met the parents, we also took materials and distributed some activity books, an activity calendar, a book and a t-shirt donated by IU Health Starke Hospital. All of our kindergarteners are going to show up on that first day of school with a brand-new t-shirt,” said Shidaker.

These visits help a kindergarten student on his or her first day of school.

“The biggest help is simply getting the child ready to come to school. A lot of the students are nervous, it’s their first time to come to school – unless they attended preschool. These students already feel a connection with their elementary teacher.”

The first day of school for all students at the Knox Community School Corporation is Tuesday, Aug. 14.