NIPSCO Warns Against Recent Scams

NIPSCO is warning customers of a number of scams in the area that involve NIPSCO impersonators.

Nick Meyer, director of external communications at NIPSCO, says some impersonators will come to your door and ask to come inside because they need to check on gas lines or other service lines. Utility workers don’t normally ask to come into your home. If you encounter this type of situation, Meyer offers this advice.

“Our employees all carry personal identification badges and typically have some sort of NIPSCO brand or logo identification that they’re wearing,” said Meyer. “A lot of times they’re driving vehicles with the NIPSCO logo on them. Those are the types of things to look for.”

Always ask for proper identification and if you are still unsure, don’t hesitate to call NIPSCO.

Meyer talks about a recent phone scam.

“Customers were getting calls saying that Congress had released some funds to help individuals pay their utility bills or if they had a balance that was carrying over and they could help provide funds to pay for their utility bills. They asked for personal, private information like their social security information, some of their banking information and in exchange, they would promise to exchange the funds,” Meyer explained.

If you get a similar call, Meyer encourages you to verify the caller’s identity.

“If you are concerned let them know that you would feel more comfortable calling NIPSCO back to verify and hang up the phone. Call our 800 number and let them know the situation and they can certainly help you out,” Meyer said.