Wythogan Park Still Closed; Contractors To Begin Cleanup Next Week

Wythogan Park in Knox is still closed as work remains underway to clear the debris and remove precariously-balanced branches dangerously dangling overhead. Park Superintendent George Byer told the city council this week that the contractor who has been hired to do a lot of the clearing will begin on Monday.

Despite Monday, Sept. 3 being a holiday, Byer says the contractor is anxious to get started on the cleanup. The walkway has been cleared and a very large amount of branches, limbs, logs, and other wood has already been hauled out, but they’ve got a long way to go.

No equipment purchases have been made yet, and Byer says they are still waiting on the insurance company to provide a figure.

Knox Mayor Rick Chambers would like to remind all residents that the park will remain closed while cleanup crews continue efforts to remove debris strewn about and destroyed from the July storms.

Chambers says the park is closed until further notice, but he’s hopeful that it will open toward the end of September or early October. The contractors have indicated that it would take roughly four to six weeks for the cleanup can be completed.