Winamac High School Weatherbug System to Be Repaired, Upgraded

Dr. Robert Klitzman
Dr. Robert Klitzman

Besides the technology upgrades in the classroom at Eastern Pulaski schools, Superintendent Dr. Robert Klitzman said they are also working on upgrading a lesser-known device: the Weatherbug system atop the school. Klitzman said the weather station had been damaged by this summer’s strong, damaging winds, and the corporation’s insurance company will be funding its repairs.

“The nice thing about this weather station is it’s on top of our high school, so in terms of the readings for temperature, wind direction, wind speed, humidity, all that is right here in Winamac and right now it’s not working. The camera is not working, so we need to repair that,” said Klitzman.

However, it’s not just repairs that will be done to the system. Klitzman proudly announced that the school received a $1000 donation from NIPSCO to help with an upgrade to the system. He said the upgrade will feature a lightning monitoring device which will allow early alerts for lightning activity. Klitzman said if anyone else wants to contribute to this upgrade, contact the superintendent’s office at (574) 946-4010.

The school board also approved the advertisement for two new school buses to be purchased along with a 14-passenger utility bus. Klitzman explained the utility buses are used tremendously for extracurricular trips with small groups, but if a group of faculty members needs to travel somewhere, the group can use the bus as well to save wear and tear on their own vehicles.

Klitzman said the board will review bids in November and decide what to purchase.