Wythogan Park Still Undergoing Repairs

Though the park is open, work is still being done to restore Wythogan Park in Knox to its former glory. Park Superintendent George Byer said the majority of stumps and trees have been removed, but approximately 50 stumps that were uprooted by the storms still need to be taken out.

Byer said these stumps will be split between the street department and a contractor, with each taking 25 stumps from the park. The park board is still waiting on bids to come in for the stump removal, and Byer said once they’ve received all the bids and chosen the best contractor for the job, the first 25 stumps will be removed by the contractor. The remaining stumps will then be handled by the street department as quickly as time allows.

Stumps aren’t the only problem in the park, however, as Byer explained the board is also looking into the purchase of new playground equipment. The board is currently deciding what equipment to purchase, but Byer said they will at least need to buy a new set of swings and other playground equipment, as well as two slides. He also noted the old swing set was obsolete anyway and wouldn’t comply with ADA standards.

Other than that, Byer said that park just needs to worry about getting the fences repaired and the dugout roofs replaced near the fields.