Knox Firefighter Raises Questions About Injury Claim

Knox City Council
Knox City Council

Knox-Center Township firefighter Wayne Noah and Fire Chief Kenny Pfost were at the Knox City Council meeting Tuesday night to raise questions about Noah’s injury claim through the city.

Noah was injured five weeks ago while assisting in an investigation at a fire scene. He fractured his ankle in the incident and has filed a claim through the city. He has received some money from the insurance but not all of what is owed to him.

State statute mandates that he receive $290 a week for compensation, but Noah said he’s been getting $150 a week. Noah noted that he has received money in the amount of $2,240 and some of the money was received Tuesday prior to the meeting.

Clerk-Treasurer Jeff Houston explained that the fire department is covered under a rider of the city’s workman’s compensation policy and his office has been attempting to get the situation resolved.

All of Noah’s medical bills have been paid for. He continues to wear a brace and is hoping to return to work as soon as possible.