Use Caution When Placing a Christmas Tree in Your Home

A Christmas tree is a beautiful symbol that brightens up your home for the holidays.

Knox-Center Township Fire Chief Kenny Pfost urges you to keep safety a number one priority this season.

“If you purchase a live Christmas tree, try and make sure you get the freshest tree possible. You want to choose one with fresh, green needles that don’t fall off when you touch them. If you choose an artificial tree, make sure it’s labeled as ‘fire retardant,’” stated Pfost.

Cut one to two inches off the trunk of the tree when before you place it into the tree stand and make sure that it always has water in the stand. Keep your tree away from any heat source as the heat will dry out your live tree at an accelerated rate.

Make sure the tree does not block an exit in your home.

Lights and decorations can also create a potential hazard.

“Before you put the lights on, check them out. Some of the lights indicate they’re either for indoor use or outdoor use, or a combination so make sure you use the correct lights for your tree. Any of the lights that have worn wiring or broken cords or bulbs need to be replaced. Keep an eye on those wires. They shouldn’t be warm to the touch. If they do feel abnormally warm, replace them.”

It’s also a good idea to turn off all Christmas lights before you leave the house or go to bed at night.

Keep these tips in mind when decorating your home for the holidays.