Oregon-Davis Classes to Take Place As Usual Wednesday, Following False Bomb Threat


Classes will take place as usual Wednesday at Oregon-Davis Schools, after a bomb threat Tuesday. In a press release, Superintendent Don Harman says the corporation is working with local law enforcement agencies to deal with those responsible, noting they’re taking the event very seriously.

School officials were notified of the threat by the Starke County Sheriff’s Department, at about 2:50 Tuesday afternoon. That was after both the elementary and junior/senior high schools had already dismissed for the day.

All remaining students and faculty were evacuated and taken off campus. Meanwhile, the Sheriff’s Department, Indiana State Police, the Porter County Bomb Squad, and the Hamlet and Koontz Lake Fire Departments all responded to the schools. A room-by-room search of both buildings and a walk-through by a State Police K9 turned up no evidence of a bomb, and school officials were given permission to reenter the buildings shortly after 5:00 p.m.

Harman adds that counselors will be available to talk with students about their fears and concerns about the event.