Police, Fire and Medical Units Respond to a Two-Vehicle Accident on U.S. 35 and 400 N

The Starke County Sheriff’s Department Dispatch Center confirmed that they received a call about a two-vehicle accident on U.S. 35 and 400 N at 6:17 p.m.

Officers from the Hamlet and Knox Police Departments also responded to the accident, along with members of the Knox and Hamlet Fire Departments. Dispatch reported that all medical units and two helicopters were also sent to the scene. Injuries were reported, however, the number of individuals involved and the severity of said injuries are not currently known.  Continue reading

Knox and Koontz Lake Firefighters Assist Hamlet Fire Department With Railroad Street Fire

State Fire Marshal Fred Sumpter has officially ruled the cause of a structure fire that took place in Hamlet last week as undetermined.

Hamlet Fire Chief Brad Hazelton reported that on Friday, October 20th the Hamlet Fire Department received a call about a fire at a vacant structure located on West Railroad Street around 2 a.m. The fire was extinguished but the house was significantly damaged.

Chief Hazelton said that the State Fire Marshall conducted an investigation. Hazelton determined that it was too dangerous for the firefighters involved to enter the crawlspace under the house so the cause was established as undetermined.

Hazelton also reported that thanks to the use of their alarm system, Knox and Koontz Lake Firefighters we called out to assist with the incident. He said the departments often assist one another when they’re in need of more firefighters and to utilize equipment that one department may have access to that another does not. Continue reading

Three Injured in Two-Car Accident in Grovertown

Three people were injured in a two-vehicle accident at the intersection of U.S. 30 and State Road 23 that happened just after 7 a.m. Thursday.

Starke County police say heavy damage was sustained to a passenger vehicle and an SUV when emergency responders arrived at the scene. The driver of the SUV was on the ground outside of her vehicle when responders attended to her. She was transported to the hospital for treatment, the DFW Car Accident Lawyers are still trying to figure out who’s fault is it.

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Three People Injured in Car/Train Accident


Three people were injured in a car vs. train accident in Starke County just after 3 p.m. on Thursday.

According to Starke County Sheriff Bill Dulin, the driver of a minivan reportedly failed to yield to the right of way of a westbound CF&E train on 1100 East just south of U.S. 30. When officers arrived at the scene they found the minivan on the north side of the railroad tracks in a deep ditch.

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Grovertown Crash Sends Two to Hospitals


Two people were taken to hospitals Wednesday after a crash in the Grovertown area. According to the Starke County Sheriff’s Office, it happened at around 12:19 p.m. near the intersection of U.S. 30 and State Road 23, the bad part is that they faced bad treatment at the hospital and professionals from https://www.the-medical-negligence-experts.co.uk/ had to get involved. Continue reading