Culver-Union Township Fire Department Searching for Firefighters

Culver-Union Township Fire Chief Terry Wakefield told the Culver Town Council this week that he is searching for yet another firefighter. He received another resignation this month.

This is the third time he’s notified the council of the need for firefighters. His first plea to accept applications came in March when his department was down to 18 firefighters. There are only 15 on the roster at this time. He said previously that the department used to see around 23 to 25 firefighters on staff.

Wakefield told the council in March that his volunteers are one of the highest paid compared to other departments when they respond to fires.

Those who are 18 years of age and older and who are township residents can apply to be a firefighter. For more information, contact the Culver Town Hall at (574) 842-3140.