Knox Street Department Following New Law to Track MVH Spending

The state is requiring the Knox Street Department and other municipal street departments to provide written reports of how the Motor Vehicle Highway (MVH) money is being spent within the department.

Street Superintendent Jeff Borg told the Knox Board of Public Works that there are six forms. Employee time allocation is required so each employee is including all tasks for this report whether it’s allocated toward streets or other tasks such as brush pickup days. A report on material and supplies will also be submitted. That report includes the limestone for alleys, road shoulders, asphalt patch, crack sealing material, and more. Equipment operating expenses such as fuel, oils, filters, batteries and tires will also be recorded.

Borg said the three other forms don’t need to be used.

He’s been attempting to fill out what he feels is his best judgment of allocated time as there hasn’t been a breakdown of what work is categorized as allocated time.

He added that the time spent on these reports has been extensive, but it’s a requirement by the state that went into effect on July 1. The reports have to show half of MVH funds are spent toward streets and alleys. Borg indicated that the department’s percentage is well above what is required.