Knox BOW Receives Update on Distressed Structure at 6 N. Pearl Street

At the request of Knox Board of Public Works members, the owner of a distressed property at 6 North Pearl Street presented a project update at their meeting last Wednesday.

She informed the members that the work that was once been stalled is back on track and that the contractor is now on site. However, she added that he began work a week behind the scheduled start date, so they’re in the process of playing “catch-up” at the moment. Continue reading

Knox Board of Public Works to Meet Today

Fire truck bids will be opened during this morning’s Knox Board of Public Works meeting.

In addition to receiving updates about a property at 6 North Pearl Street and two properties on Main Street, members will also consider a request for reserve officers. The superintendent’s report will be delivered and any additional business deemed necessary by the board will be discussed. Continue reading

Knox Board of Works Members Consider Bids for Blighted Structure on Pearl Street

Some confusion over bid specifications led to drastically different offers being opened at the Knox Board of Works meeting on Monday.

The bids were for demolition work on the blighted structure at 202 N. Pearl Street.

The first bid that was opened came in from Jackson Truck and Excavating and it was for $33,900. The second bid was from Mark Milo Enterprises for $14,900. The reason for the difference was that Jackson included the price for asbestos removal, while Milo did not. Continue reading

Knox Board of Public Works Approves Recommendation for New Patrolman

Knox Board of Works members approved a recommendation from Police Chief Harold Smith during a special meeting Monday morning.

Chief Smith’s recommendation pertained to hiring Seth Johnson as a patrolman for the police department. He explained that out the 30 applications that were issued, 9 were returned. Out of the 9 that came back, the list was narrowed down to 4 finalists. However, none of the final 4 passed background checks.

Since none of the applicants were suitable, Chief Smith suggested adding former Starke County Sheriff’s Department officer Seth Johnson to the force. Continue reading