Knox City Council Discusses Park Projects

During the Knox City Council meeting earlier this week, Mayor Dennis Estok informed the board that the required permit to build bathrooms and a new concession stand at Wythogan Park has been acquired. Construction on those facilities will not begin until the fall.

Estok said aside from the concession stand and bathrooms, he wants to build a dance floor for the performance stage and an ADA compliant sidewalk on the Eastside of the park. Those projects would mostly finish up work that needs to be done at the park. However, the mayor told the board they should be looking into a way to light that area once construction is complete.

Estok said the new sidewalk is going to come down the hill on the Eastside of the park and will go to the concession stand. It will connect to the other sidewalks, leading to a web of sidewalks through that area that will require lighting.

Council President Don Kring suggested solar lighting as an option. Mayor Estok said they will check into various options this winter and hopefully start installment in the spring.