Starke County Youth Club Seeks Funds to Expand Programs

The Starke County Youth Club is able to provide after-school programs to students K-12 across the county thanks to grant funding.

One grant the club utilizes is the 21st Century Community Learning Centers grant. SC Youth Club Executive Director Irene Szakonyi said they’re reapplying for that grant this year and the deadline for it is coming up soon.

Szakonyi explained that and a part of the grant process, Youth Club representatives are working with their partners to determine particular needs. She said their partners include all the county schools, the public library system, the Starke County Economic Development Foundation and Purdue Cooperative Extension Services.

“We really do work together to make sure that there are high quality programs for kids in this community that address academic outputs, and personal success for kids.”Szakonyi continued, “Things like homework help and tutoring, science, technology engineering, and math, life skills, college and career readiness. All of those things that make sure that a kid is prepared to be successful in school and in work and in life.”

The director said she hopes they can utilize the grant money to implement more programs, specifically targeted at middle school students. Applications for the 21st Century Community Learning Centers grant are due December 15th and Director Szakonyi said she is confident they’re doing everything in their power to obtain those funds.