Winamac Town Council Members Pass Amended Salary Ordinance

Holding a valid journeyman card will result in a higher starting pay for employees hired onto the Winamac Electric Department, following a decision made by the town council members Monday night.

Council members voted unanimously to pass an amended salary ordinance which specifies that an electric department employee who is a licensed journeyman can be hired at an hourly rate of $23.55. Town Attorney Justin Schramm said that new employees are locked in at a pay rate and since individuals with certification are brining more to the table, they can be compensated a bit more than someone who holds no certification.

Additionally, the amended salary ordinance changed the salary of the parks and recreation secretary from $30 a meeting to an annual salary of $1,000 regardless of the number of meetings held. It also includes a disclaimer that if a substitute secretary is needed, they would be compensated $30 for each meeting they cover.