Knox Street Department Uses 70 Ton of Road Salt

The Knox Street Department has gone through a lot of its salt supply to help clear roads this winter.

According Street Superintendent Jeff Borg, the city has experienced 12 snow events that have amounted to 26 inches of snow. That statistic is from Dec. 9, 2017 to today. As a result, 70 tons of the 100 tons of road salt was used to help clear roads as contracted from the State of Indiana cooperative. The city can purchase up to 120 tons as part of the agreement.

In his 2017 year-end report to the Knox Board of Public Works last week, Borg said the department hauled out 109 dump truck loads of grass and leaves from the compost drop-off pile while 321 loads of brush was hauled out of the city. The brush number didn’t include leaves from spring and fall leaf pickup.

Borg added that the tonnage numbers reported to IDEM for last year were 177 tons of vacuumed leaves, 82 tons of grass and leaves and 289 tons of brush. The report is required to be reported to IDEM as the City of Knox has a state registered compost facility.