Questions Raised Over Particular Appointment at Winamac Town Council Meeting

During Monday Night’s Winamac Town Council meeting, while on the topic of appointments, the position of “Pulaski County Family Y Representative” was brought up. Councilwoman Judy Heater was previously appointed to this position. However, she said she had no absolutely no interest in serving on that board again.

Council President Tom Murray asked what they would need to do with this position since the organization now operates as the Community Wellness Center of Winamac and is no longer a Family YMCA.

Town attorney Justin Schramm said that the organization is still utilizing their 501-C3 designation and they only applied for a name change so it wouldn’t necessarily change the agreement between the facility and the town. However, he did say that the reason there was a town representative for the old board, was because it was requested by the “Y”. He mentioned since it is now a wellness center, there may be some different stipulations.

Council President Murray proposed that the appointment be tabled until more information could be gathered. Heater added that the town operates a lease agreement with them as well. Schramm said that would definitely need to be looked into.

Clerk-Treasurer Melanie Berger agreed to find some more information about these concerns and bring her findings back to the council members.