Knox Park Board Addresses Goals for 2018

The Knox Park Board laid out some goals for 2018 when they met last Thursday.

The three main goals that Park Superintendent George Byer mentioned were repairing the skate park, making some shelter adjustments and fixing various lighting issues around the park.

As previously reported, Byer has reached out to skate park representatives in order to get a proposed pricelist going for the repairs that will need to be made there.

The superintendent also mentioned that last year, park board members suggested moving shelter one to a new location. However, he said that doesn’t seem plausible and it’s more realistic to dismantle the one that exists and build one closer to the splash pad and new concession stand. He said that he’d also like to see one installed at Heritage Park.

In order to fix the lights, Byer said in the past they’ve had to rent a bucket truck which cost approximately $300 a day a few years ago. He told members that he hasn’t had a chance to look into current prices yet.

Additionally, Mayor Dennis Estok mentioned that he’s been considering the possibility of hiring a recreational director to help organize events in the park during the summertime and fall and to assist with activities in the community center when weather conditions are colder.

These ideas were merely considered as a part of last Thursday’s meeting. Nothing was officially voted on by members. They will continue to prioritize and organize plans in the coming months.