North Judson-San Pierre School Board Approves Purchase for Three Buses

North Judson-San Pierre will be adding a few new buses to their fleet, following a decision made by school board members last night.

Treasurer Guy Richie explained that the school utilized the Central Indiana Education Service Center to conduct an online bidding process. In their bid, Kerlin Bus Sales included that NJSP would be able to trade-in three buses for a trade-in allowance totaling $16,500. Richie said after factoring in the trades, the lowest bid came in at $232,169 from Kerlin.

Richie added that the funds for the purchase were already appropriated into the bus replacement fund this in year’s budget. He recommended that the school board members approve the lowest bid from Kerlin.

The board members voted unanimously to accept the bid from Kerlin Bus Sales and as a result, three 72-passenger buses will be purchased.