Pulaski County Attorney Responds to Culver Schools’ Bus Stop Question

A question about whether a school bus may use the easement alongside a roadway to pick up students has generated a response from the Pulaski County attorney but no formal action from the commissioners. Back in June, Culver Community Schools Superintendent Karen Shuman asked for a decision, after a Monterey-area family expressed concern with the pickup location.

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Marshall County Grand Jury to Investigate Eastern Pulaski School Bus Crash

Marshall County Deputy Prosecutor Matt Sarber and Prosecutor Nelson Chipman answer questions during Thursday’s press conference

Whether or not there will be criminal charges stemming from last month’s fatal crash involving an Eastern Pulaski school bus will depend on input from a Marshall County grand jury. Owen Abbott, 13, was killed, when the school bus he was riding on was reportedly struck from behind, by a truck driven by Tylor Perry.

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Two More Lawsuits Filed in Connection with Last Month’s Fatal School Bus Crash

More lawsuits have been filed in connection with last month’s fatal crash involving an Eastern Pulaski school bus. According to court documents filed with the Marshall County Clerk’s Office, Amber Despot, the mother of one of the passengers, is suing the driver of the truck that allegedly crashed into the bus, along with the truck’s owner.

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Culver School Board Makes Arrangements for Bus Purchase

The Culver Community Schools Corporation is looking to replace an extra school bus this year. Bus 24 was scheduled to be replaced in 2020, but school officials have decided to move that forward, according to Treasurer Casey Howard. The school board took steps to make funds available earlier this month. But Howard told board members this week that the 2018 through 2030 bus replacement plan had to be amended before the state would allow the additional appropriation. The school board passed a resolution Monday to accept the amended plan.

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Knox School Board Approves Purchase of Five School Buses

The Knox school bus fleet is getting a major upgrade. Last week, the school board approved the purchase of five vehicles, totaling just under $400,000. Those include two 78-passenger Bluebird buses for just under $188,000, and a 48-passenger Bluebird handicap bus for nearly $101,000. Knox schools will also be getting two 14-passenger Starcraft minibuses for a total of just over $110,000.

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North Judson-San Pierre School Board Approves Purchase for Three Buses

North Judson-San Pierre will be adding a few new buses to their fleet, following a decision made by school board members last night.

Treasurer Guy Richie explained that the school utilized the Central Indiana Education Service Center to conduct an online bidding process. In their bid, Kerlin Bus Sales included that NJSP would be able to trade-in three buses for a trade-in allowance totaling $16,500. Richie said after factoring in the trades, the lowest bid came in at $232,169 from Kerlin. Continue reading