Design Work Nearly Complete for New Winamac Town Park Restrooms

Designs for the Winamac Town Park’s new restrooms are being finalized. Updated architectural drawings were presented to the town’s park board last week.

Board member and town manager Brad Zellers said many of the board’s initial concerns have now been ironed out with the architect. “His idea was he would, middle of the month, towards the end of the month, have plans ready for state approval and ready to bid,” Zellers explained. “So, if you entailed, if we would like to have a meeting, maybe mid-month, to give the approval to bid that, maybe have the bids in by next meeting, see where we’re headed. I think there’s a real possibility we could start on this pretty quick.”

Plans call for the construction of men’s and women’s restrooms, separated by a pavilion. When the initial design was presented last month, board members had some concerns with the number of toilets, as well as the differences between the two restrooms.

In the latest update, the two restrooms are mirror images of each other. Each restroom will have four toilets.