Indiana Department of Revenue Urges Taxpayers to Avoid Mistakes That Could Delay Refunds

As the income tax deadline approaches, the Indiana Department of Revenue has a few tips for avoiding refund delays. Department officials say many delays are caused by preventable errors, and an easy way to stop those from happening is to file electronically.

If you decide to use paper forms, make sure you have all the documents in the right order and that the filing is signed and dated. Including your phone number will allow the Department of Revenue to get a hold of you if there are any issues.

Make sure you send your tax filings to the right address. Federal forms go to the IRS, while Indiana forms go to the Department of Revenue. There are also different addresses depending on whether your filing requires a payment or is claiming a refund.

If you’ve moved, update your address with the Department of Revenue, since the post office may not be able to forward certain types of mail. Also, if you’re asked to complete an Identify Confirmation Quiz, do it as soon as possible.