Knox BOW Receives Update on Distressed Structure at 6 N. Pearl Street

At the request of Knox Board of Public Works members, the owner of a distressed property at 6 North Pearl Street presented a project update at their meeting last Wednesday.

She informed the members that the work that was once been stalled is back on track and that the contractor is now on site. However, she added that he began work a week behind the scheduled start date, so they’re in the process of playing “catch-up” at the moment.

Board members Jim Collins asked about the progress of the project so far. The resident responded, “We have 19 milestones and he’s getting caught up so he’s probably between milestone 1,2,3,4 and part of 7.” She said, “He’s mostly just on framing and doing a lot of demolition work right now.”

She mentioned that when the framing is all finished, the speed should pick up as the contractor works on siding, roofing and infrastructure.

Board President Steve Dodge asked her when she expects the project to be completed. She answered that she hopes all the work will be finished in the time that was allotted in her permit, which would give her until May 21st.

She added that she will work with Code Enforcement Officer Kenny Pfost on paying any necessary fines and applying for another permit if the project does not wrap up in time. Pfost said if it comes down to that, she would be eligible to apply for an extension.