Construction Bids Received for Winamac Restroom Project

A project to replace the restrooms in the Winamac Town Park attracted three construction bids. Bids were opened Thursday, during a special park board meeting.

They ranged from $80,000 to nearly $364,000, according to information provided by Park Board Secretary Kim Burke. But she says the low bidder, Glen White, has since pulled his bid. That leaves Schepler Construction’s bid of $215,700 and a bid from R Yoder Construction for $363,713.

The bids will help the town know how much money to ask for, when applying for a Land and Water Conservation Fund grant. Another potential funding source for the project is Winamac’s Park Gift Fund.

Plans call for the old brick restrooms in the front of the park to be demolished and replaced with a new structure with more ADA-compliant stalls and more room, in general. Construction will have to wait at least until the fall, when town learns whether or not it’s been awarded the grant.