Knox Board of Works Members Get Update on Unsafe Properties

The Knox Board of Works members decided to extend a construction permit for four months in order for renovation work at 6 N. Pearl Street to continue. The permit expired on May 22.

Owner Lucia Valladares told members that new plans are complete and the contractor is back on the jobsite. The demolition work is done and materials have been delivered in order for the rehabilitation work to commence. Valladares will come back before the board on June 27 to provide another update and photos.

The owner of 1 and 3 N. Main Street, Pete Milev, has not gotten a lot of work done as outlined in a specific timeline provided to the council last year. Milev said the glass in the storefront has been replaced along with framing. Some hallway work has also been done, but masonry work, the removal of an outdoor sign and replacement of the fire escape have not been done. All of the work was to be done by now.

Milev apologized to the board and promised that the work will be done by the board’s next meeting on June 27. During the April meeting, the board voted to move forward with imposing a $2,500 for not adhering to the approved timeline of repairs. Milev said he understood that action.

Building Administrator Kenny Pfost will be notified as Milev gets work done and an update will be given to the board. Further action may be taken if the work is not complete by the board’s next meeting.