Winamac Park Board Presented with $6,000 in Donations for New Playground Equipment

Efforts to replace the equipment in the Winamac Town Park’s toddler playground got a financial boost during Thursday’s park board meeting. The Winamac Eagles presented a $4,000 donation in memory of Steve Girton, while the town’s American Legion post presented a check for $2,000.

“We had our meeting and discussed this, and I can tell you, not a single person spoke against it, very favorable,” Robert Klitzman told board members while presenting the American Legion’s donation. “We appreciate the work we’re doing in the park for those that have some special interests, some special needs, to include them. It’s a great thing that you’re doing.” Other organizations have expressed interest in contributing, as well.

Park Board President Courtney Poor said he was humbled by the community’s efforts. “On behalf of the board, thank you so much. Our project has grown, just because of the generosity of organizations like yours,” Poor said, “and I want you to know on my behalf, as a part of this board, we really appreciate it. We really do.”

The park board hopes to make those donations go even further by applying for a Land and Water Conservation Fund matching grant. The grant application would also seek funding to help with the cost of replacing the main restrooms in the Town Park.

Park Board Secretary Kim Burke told board members Thursday that she’s gotten a good chunk of the application done. “I’ve been working on the narrative, the rating criteria,”she explained. “I have all the maps. I have all the photographs. Basically, what I’m waiting on is bids for the restrooms, to fill in the holes. I need prices because I don’t even know where to start there.”

Construction bids for the restrooms will be opened during a special park board meeting next Thursday at 6:00 p.m. EDT at the Winamac Municipal Utilities Complex.