EZ Blockchain to Build Data Center in Hamlet

An EZ Blockchain data center will be built on 500 N. in Hamlet, next to the Kankakee Valley REMC substation.

According to plans presented by the company’s representatives to both the Starke County Council members and Starke County Commissioners on Monday night, prefabricated pods will be constructed on concrete slabs on a half-acre of land at the site with security fencing. Employees also plan to be at the location to ensure smooth operations. Local contractor will be used to model the land to the needs of the project.

The pods will contain technology infrastructure that will feature cluster node technology and internet. The technology offers faster deployment in the next generation of internet.

This will be one of the first few of its kind in the United States.

EZ Blockchain will be partnering with Kankakee Valley REMC for services which will make the company the largest REMC customer as they power this new technology. The space will be able to house the equipment which has been modified to keep cooler which allows for more units to be safely housed in these pods.

The council expressed support for the project. Since the commissioners own the land on which this development will take place, the commissioners voted to approve a Commercial Ground Lease contingent on a deposit amount and legal descriptions of the property. The company will make lease payments to the county for the property.

The company’s representatives hope that the project will be done by July 1.