Pulaski County Looks to Enhance IT Recommendations for Technology Billing

Pulaski County CourthousePulaski County continues its overview of certain technology operations at its facilities.

During Tuesday night’s County Commissioner’s meeting, a hurdle in that process was addressed. Pulaski County’s internet service operates under an umbrella overseen by the IT department, but decisions about bills from the service provider were disallowed from being scrutinized for future recommendation by the IT department under agreement.

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West Central SB Moving Forward with More Technology Usage

wcsIn order to cut down on paper costs the West Central School Board utilized chrome books during their last meeting. The school has just recently started using technology more often. Last year was the first year the school went one to one, meaning they provided chrome books to students fourth grade through twelfth grade and elementary school students in first,second and third grade. According to

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DNR Redesigns, Launches Mobile “App”


The Indiana Department of Natural Resources may be providing easier access to information.

A mobile “app” that the DNR oversees for mobile devices has been redesigned for both Apple and Android operating systems. The remake comes after the previous “app” was launched in 2011. According to the DNR, the previous application was downloaded almost 33-thousand times.

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Oregon-Davis Continues With Development Solutions

Oregon-Davis School Board members (seated) Andrea McIntosh, Shirley Budka.  (standing) Christopher Lawrence, Kurt Hayes, Lee Nagai
Oregon-Davis School Board members (seated) Andrea McIntosh, Shirley Budka. (standing) Christopher Lawrence, Kurt Hayes, Lee Nagai

The Oregon-Davis School Board will continue implementing development tools in the classroom.

Monday night’s school board meeting saw the Board of Education take action to approve strategies from Five Star Education Solutions. The company offers instruction and targeted development for students, but also offers professional development and technology assistance to teachers.
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Eastern Pulaski Schools Plans Technology Upgrades


The Eastern Pulaski School Corporation could soon be cleaning up some of its technology on campus.

Due to the extensive renovations and improvements being considered in Eastern Pulaski, cabling being run through the ceilings will be removed with new cabling replacing the former infrastructure. Because of this, Eastern Pulaski Schools will be upgrading their phone system.
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West Central School Board Gets Technology Update

The West Central School Board discussed all of the technology upgrades that have been done throughout the Corporation. Superintendent Charles Mellon said the Board has focused on making these updates this school year.

“We have a wireless internet connection in all of our buildings and we’ve also increased bandwidth so we can handle about any type of capacity that the students would bring in as far as the different devices,” stated Mr. Mellon.

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West Central School Board Looking to Upgrade Technology Infrastructure

The West Central School Board is looking to do some technology upgrades throughout the Corporation.

Superintendent Charles Mellon said a Committee has been formed to study the needs of technology at the Corporation. The Board and the committee are focusing on piloting a one-to-one computer initiative, similar to the program at Knox Community Schools, where the students have their own computer and the curriculum is on that computer that the student is responsible for. Mr. Mellon said that they may phase-in the program by grade level, if it is approved.

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Culver Community Students to Receive iPads Next Year

Culver Community School Board
Culver Community School Board Members (from left, clockwise): Jack Jones, Ryan Seiber, Marilyn Swanson, Brad Schuldt, Eugene Baker, Jim Wentzel, Ed Behnke, Ken VanDePutte

With the use of technology in public schools on a quickly increasing trend, Culver Community School Board has approved a lease with Apple, Inc. to provide iPads for all high school and middle school students. Culver Community Schools will be spearheading what they’ve called the “One-to-One Technology Initiative,” which gives students the equipment and opportunities to “learn by doing.” Students would be able to bring these devices home at the end of the day, but they would be returned to the school at the end of the school year.

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Knox Fifth Grade Students Give Lesson in Technology to School Board

Mrs. Barnes and 5th grade presenters: Mrs. Barnes, Victoria Bulick, Colin Kulpa, Libby McEntee, Payton McIntyre, Mariah McKee, Allison Minix, and Cassie Waletzko

The Knox Community School Board got a lesson in technology at their recent school Board meeting and the teachers were 5th grade students.

“We just showed the Board what we’ve been doing this year in technology,” said Laura Barnes, Computer Applications Teacher at the Knox Elementary School. “We’ve started all of the grade levels on various new technologies IPads, some web tools such as Glogster and My Big Campus so we showed the Board some of those things. Glogster is a web tool which is basically a cross between a blog and a virtual poster. The kids can use them for presentations with projects, they can use them as a creative journal – there are a lot of educational tools for it.”

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Knox School Board Discusses Impact of Technology at the Corporation

Gary Dulin, Jerry Fletcher, Harold Welter, Mary Lynn Ritchie, Kirk Bennett, Nathan Marcum, Mike Yankauskas, Superintendent A.J. Gappa

The Knox Community School Board discussed technology at its meeting Monday night.

Director of Curriculum and Instruction, Peggy Shidaker, explained to the Board that the current generation of students is all about technology. Schools are turning into a digital learning environment. Students use electronic devices and computers on a daily basis and it is becoming apparent that all students need to have their own computer to use throughout their school career. In the future, it appears that students will be tested on technology knowledge in addition to English and Math on standardized testing.

The Board is looking toward the goal of furnishing each student grades 6-12 with their own computer to use at all times. A team will be assembled to attend a meeting in March with Apple technicians to gain more information on the process and cost of equipping the Middle and High Schools with 1,100 computers for student use. The Board realizes that this is the future of education.

Director of Technology, Jim Landrum, told the Board that the school has the infrastructure capable of supporting this transition. The High School is completely wireless and the Middle School will be wireless before the start of the new school year.