Knox BOW Approves Bid for 2018 Sewer Lining Project

Knox Board of Works members considered bids for the 2018 sewer lining project when they met Wednesday morning.

While going over the bids, Mayor Dennis Estok asked Wastewater Superintendent Kelly Clemons what the alternate was for. She noted that it was for an extra line that she would like to see replaced. However, after going over the figures, she said they could drop the alternate costs and just consider the base bids.

Three bids were submitted for this project. The first bid opened came from Instituform which submitted a base bid of $90,071. Next, the board considered a bid from LiquiForce whose base bid was $81,460. The last bid submitted was for $106,530 from the company LayneInliner.

Members opted to go with the lowest bid from LiquiForce. They cast a unanimous vote to proceed, pending that the submitted documentation meets all specs laid out by the superintendent.

Additionally, since the city has never worked with the company, Mayor Estok recommended that Clemons do a bit more research to ensure that their work is reputable.