FEMA to Reimburse City of Knox Over $7,000 for Costs Associated with February’s Flooding

A reimbursement from the Federal Emergency Management Agency will be coming into the City of Knox.

When the Board of Works met last Wednesday, Wastewater Department Superintendent Kelly Clemons told members that she received a report from FEMA. She informed them how much funding the department will receive to help cover costs associated with the flooding that took place back in February. Continue reading

Starke Commissioners to Consider CAFO Fees

Starke County CommissionersThe Starke County Commissioners will consider amendments to the confined animal feeding ordinance fee schedule when they meet this evening. The Starke County Plan Commission recently approved a flat $500 flat permit, along with a $75 filing fee to offset the cost of processing the application. They also doubled the re-inspection fee to $100 for all permits. It will be charged when the county is called out to conduct an inspection, but the work is deemed to be incomplete. Continue reading