Local Lakes Awarded Grant Funding to Manage Invasive Aquatic Plants


Several local lakes will see improvements, thanks to Lake and River Enhancement grants from the Indiana Department of Natural Resources. The DNR has awarded nearly $660,000 to help control invasive aquatic plants at 63 Indiana lakes.

In Marshall County, the Four Lakes area made up of Mill Pond along with Kreighbaum, Cook, and Holem lakes received $26,400. Lake of the Woods got over $19,000, while a portion of Koontz Lake received $6,500.

In Starke County, a $6,400 grant was awarded to Bass Lake. Bruce Lake in Fulton and Pulaski counties got $4,400.

According to a DNR press release, the grants will help control aggressive non-native plants that can clog lakes, such as Eurasian watermilfoil, curly leaf pondweed, and starry stonewort. DNR Director Cameron F. Clark says removing the invasive plants will make it easier for native plants to thrive, which in turn, will improve the habitat for fish.

Lake and River Enhancement grants are funded by boat registration fees. The grant program requires local sponsors to cover at least 20 percent of each project’s total cost.