Winamac Park Board Continues Adding Items to Grant Application

The Winamac Park Board has once again added some more items into its application for a Land and Water Conservation Fund grant. The park board is applying for a matching grant for various Town Park improvements, including replacing the main restrooms, getting new equipment for the toddler playground, adding a permanent cornhole court, and a new bench.

But officials with the Indiana Department of Natural Resources notified the town that there’s more money available in this year’s grant cycle and gave the park board until July 13 to amend its application. During a special session Monday, board members decided to add a few more items, including a larger climber for the toddler playground, new backboards for two of the park’s basketball courts, and equipment for a frisbee golf course.

Park board members also considered adding a splash pad to the grant application, but ultimately decided against it. They wanted to do more research first, to see whether a splash pad may legally be built in the flood-prone park, and if so, what type. If it’s feasible, they may apply for a grant next year.

But beyond that, the park board is limited by how much money is available in its Park Gift Fund, to be used as a local match. If Winamac’s grant application is approved, funds would be available for the upgrades to start next summer, according to Park Board Secretary Kim Burke.