Atlanta Company to Take Over Medicaid Billing

The State of Indiana is bringing in a third-party company to oversee Medicaid operations and Medicaid patients. Pulaski County EMS Director Bryan Corn told the Pulaski County Commissioners about the change on Monday morning.

“This company is called Southeastrans and they’re out of Atlanta, Georgia,” said Corn. “They do this in like 10 or 11 states, I believe. The State of Indiana has asked them to come in and take over Indiana as well. The ultimate goal of it is to cut down on what they call fraud waste and abuse. As you can see the past few days in some news articles, this is a problem.”

Corn said he’s been doing some research to see how this will tie together with Medicaid, EMS and Pulaski Memorial Hospital.

“As far as the department goes, it’s not going to the change the way that we operate. It’s still going to be exactly the same. Essentially, it’s just where the bills go. When we go pick up a Medicaid patient or we take a Medicaid patient from the hospital our claims now have to go through Southeastrans company. They will reimburse off of that.”

Corn asked the commissioners to sign a disclosure of ownership and control interest form to participate in this transition. There is no cost to the county.

He explained that if the commissioners decide not to participate, any claim of an EMS transport of a Traditional Medicaid patient for any purpose will simply be denied for reimbursement.

The Pulaski County Commissioners unanimously approved the signing of the disclosure form that will allow the county’s participation in the Medicaid billing.