Dollahan Sentencing Rescheduled for August, to Accommodate Attorney Switch

Jan Dollahan Jr.’s sentencing hearing has once again been pushed back, as Dollahan switches defense attorneys. Back in April, a jury found Dollahan guilty of criminal recklessness and invasion of Privacy. Neighbors said he shot multiple rounds at their property, in an incident in May of 2016.

Dollahan and his attorney Matthew Price appeared in Starke Circuit Court Friday for the continuation of a sentencing hearing. As the hearing began, Dollahan told Judge Kim Hall that he had found another attorney willing to represent him, and asked if the judge would release his bond so he could use that money to hire the attorney. Price told the judge he was unaware of his client’s desire to switch attorneys.

After discussing the matter with Dollahan, Price asked to withdraw from the case, citing irreconcilable differences in opinion about how to proceed. Both agreed there had been a breakdown in the attorney-client relationship. Dollahan clarified that he wasn’t mad at Price but there were some trust issues.

Hall granted Price’s motion to withdraw. He also agreed to allow Dollahan’s bond to be released except for court costs, noting that Dollahan has been showing up to his court appearances. The sentencing has been rescheduled for Friday, August 24 at 11:30 a.m.

The sentencing hearing originally began on May 30, but Judge Hall said he wanted more information before accepting the jury’s guilty verdicts. Specifically, he was concerned with a couple of points in Prosecutor Nick Bourff’s closing argument, one of them being his instruction to jury members to consider the facts and the law.

Hall said that while lawyers have the right to read instructions to the jury, he was concerned about his reason for doing it. He noted that Bourff had to prove that Dollahan’s actions posed a substantial risk to others’ health and property. Bourff also reportedly asked the jury how they would feel if it happened to them, something Hall said is generally discouraged. He pointed out that the defense didn’t raise any objections, though.

Hall said that both attorneys filed briefs with the requested information last month, and that he was ready to make a decision Friday, before Dollahan asked to switch attorneys.