Salary Issues to Continue to be Discussed during Tonight’s Pulaski County Council Meeting

Pulaski County’s salary matrix will continue to be discussed during tonight’s county council meeting. A salary ordinance revision will be up for the council’s approval, while Maintenance Supervisor Jeff Johnston is expected to request a budget transfer and additional appropriation to help cover the wages of part-time employees.

The pay rate for three part-time maintenance employees has been a source of confusion for several months. Two of them were given a raise but then were asked to pay it money back. The issue was discussed during last month’s council meeting, but it wasn’t fully resolved.

In other business tonight, more than $1.25 million in additional appropriations will be up for final council approval. That includes money for the courthouse elevator replacement project, the purchase and renovation of the former Winamac Masonic Lodge for use as a morgue, and salaries for four 911 dispatchers that were accidentally left off this year’s budget.

Meanwhile, representatives from the Monterey-Tippecanoe Township Public Library will discuss a potential bond. Tonight’s Pulaski County Council meeting starts at 7:00 EDT at the Pulaski County Highway Garage.