Oregon-Davis School Board Accepts Donation for FFA and National Honor Society

A couple student organizations at Oregon-Davis Junior/Senior High School got a financial boost this week. Superintendent Dr. Don Harman says the school board accepted a donation from the Oregon-Davis Young Farmers organization. “That donation was $700 to the Oregon-Davis Junior/Senior High School FFA and another $700 to the Oregon-Davis Junior/Senior High School National Honor Society,” Harman says.

A slightly less conventional donation was also accepted during Monday’s school board meeting. “We had a clothes washer at our elementary that broke and discontinued working. It was used for custodians for rags,” Harman explains. “And we just asked anybody in our staff if anybody had an extra clothes washer or knew someone, and Dean Corey said, ‘I’ve got one and I will donate it.’ So we appreciate Mr. Corey’s donation to the corporation.”

During this week’s meeting, the Oregon-Davis School Board also authorized the publication of the corporation’s 2019 budget proposal and approved a list of policy updates recommended by policy consultant NEOLA.