Winamac Town Council Addresses P-Card Resolution Passed in 2016

Winamac Town Council members were asked to revisit a resolution passed in November of 2016 when they met Monday night.

Clerk-Treasurer Melanie Berger reminded the members that they previously approved a resolution that would permit her to obtain a “procurement card” or p-card for the town. However, they were unable to get the card because a current audit was required and the Town hadn’t had an audit with the State Board of Accounts in over four years at that time.

Since an audit was recently completed, the town is now free to get a p-card. It would replace the Key Bank credit card that the town currently utilizes. That credit card was issued in 2012. When it was obtained, Berger was required to utilize her own personal information to open the account.

A procurement card reportedly consolidates all small monthly purchases into one invoice and one payment. Additionally, no one’s personal information would be linked to it.

Town Council President Tom Murray asked who the p-card would be issued by and Berger said the card would come from BMO Harris Bank.

Members seemed hesitant to quit using the local provider and asked Berger to contact Key Bank to see if their policy is still the same. They asked her to see if a business card could be obtained without using her personal information.

No official actions were taken Monday night but the matter will be readdressed at the council’s next meeting.