More Renovation Work Needed Before the Knox Redevelopment Pilot Program Can Start

Some more work still needs to be done to the building at 10 South Main Street before the Knox Redevelopment Pilot Program can get off the ground.

Mayor Dennis Estok announced at last week’s city council meeting that things are getting close but they’re not quite there yet. Estok told members, “There’s a possibility that it will be in good enough shape in probably about a month to start advertising that pilot program.”

Mayor Estok mentioned that at least one person has reached out expressing an interest in participating in this opportunity.

As a reminder, the Knox Redevelopment Commission purchased the building on Main Street with the goal of providing some incentives to encourage business development in the downtown area.

In the meeting where Estok announced the program, he noted that this building is a “perfect scenario” for an entrepreneur to come in and try to start their business at a very low risk since the city will own it. He added that if the business succeeds, the owner would then purchase the building from the city.

If you have any questions about the Redevelopment Pilot Program, give the Mayor’s Office at call at 574-772-4553.