Culver-Union Township Fire Department Inching Closer to Fundraising Goal

The Culver-Union Township Fire Department is getting closer to their goal of raising enough money to purchase an aerial fire truck.

The fundraiser for the aerial platform fire truck will continue through Nov. 18. The truck will allow firefighters to provide a safe rescue from a three-story building or taller which is a task they can’t do with the current equipment in the fleet. The aerial truck would also give firefighters the ability to fight structure fires from above, pumping water downwards from a safer location.

About $200,000 is needed for the fire truck. A portion of the cost is proposed in the 2019 budget, but not the entire amount. A little more than $60,000 is needed and contributions can be made in person at the Culver Town Hall Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. ET or send checks to the town hall with a note that it is a fire truck. Donations can also be made online at For more information, call 574-842-3140.