Illegally Placed Campaign Signs Will be Removed

Any illegally placed campaign signs in the Town of Culver will be removed if there are complaints received.

The issue was brought up during last week’s Culver Town Council meeting where Council President Ginny Bess Munroe noted that candidates need to have a property owner’s permission or a business owner’s permission before campaign signs are placed at a location.

Signs are not allowed in any right-of-way or parkway and cannot block a person’s view while driving. According to INDOT, if the right-of-way is not clearly marked, boundaries may be estimated as the fence line, the back of a ditch or behind utility poles.

Culver Town Manager Jonathan Leist said that he could remove any illegal signs. Culver Plan Commission members or Building Commissioner Chuck DeWitt are also permitted to remove any illegal signs.

To report an illegal sign in the Culver town limits, call the Culver Town Hall at 574-842-3140.