Knox Board of Works Update on Unsafe Building

The owner of 6 N. Pearl Street in Knox gave an update to the Knox Board of Works members last week. The property was previously deemed unsafe, but Lucia Valladares purchased the property on a tax sale and has been working to remodel the home in the hopes to provide a nice home for a family.

Valladares has been working on hiring a different contractor after the last one did not install things properly and wasn’t willing to work in an efficient fashion. She told the board members that she’s been working with Building Administrator Kenny Pfost to find a new contractor who is registered with the city.

She said it is her intent to complete the renovations. It’s just taken a lot of time to get it done.

The board members did approve a permit extension for the property for another month and it will be up to Pfost on whether or not the permit should be extended beyond that time. Valladares will provide another update to the board in November.