Work to Clean up Property Continues in Knox

The Knox Board of Works members were updated on a piece of property that Building Administrator Kenny Pfost cited as needed to be cleared of excessive junk.

Pfost told members Wednesday morning that most of the items at 310 Ostrander Court have been moved from the yard. The junk vehicles are gone as well as the appliances and the furniture outside of the home.

The tenants of the home were reportedly evicted, but there are people still going in and out of the home, according to Pfost. He said one tenant is still getting belongings from the home.

Knox Mayor Dennis Estok said property owner Melvin Zeiters has followed through with the instructions set forth by the board members in order to improve the site. Pfost added that it does look a lot better than it has been as of late.

The members will will be updated on progress in future meetings.