Ongoing Code Violations at Ostrander Court Residence Addressed by Knox Board of Works

Knox Board of Works members held a public hearing on Wednesday morning to go over a handful of rental properties that have been a topic of discussion for months.

Building Administrator Kenny Pfost has issued several orders against Melvin Zeiters for properties with code violations, starting back in March. He also informed members in the past that none of the properties have been registered for 2018.

The property owner was present at the hearing. When addressed about the registration and inspection fees not being turned in for the year, Zeiters told the members that he did fill out and mail in the paperwork and it must have been lost somehow. Continue reading

Knox Board of Works Meets Today

A public hearing will be held during today’s Knox Board of Public Works meeting. The focus of the hearing will be the multiple rental properties belonging to Melvin Zeiters that have been cited for code violations.

After the hearing, members of the Board of Works will consider an amendment to the Police Department’s standard operating procedures and a recommendation for a probationary officer. Continue reading

Problematic Properties Discussed at Knox Board of Works Meeting

Knox Code Enforcement Officer Kenny Pfost discussed several problematic properties with members of the Board of Works last Wednesday.

Pfost provided the members with an update about the rental properties belonging to Melvin Zeiters. At the Board of Works meeting in June, members were informed that Zeiters had brought at least one of his homes located at 407 W. Lewis Drive into compliance.

However, during their most recent meeting, members learned that little has been done to address the violations on several other properties. Continue reading