Culver Town Council Approves 2019 Salary Ordinance

The Culver Town Council members held the first reading of the 2019 salary ordinance Tuesday night.

As explained by Town Council President Ginny Munroe, the ordinance includes a 50 cent increase for all hourly employees. Any street water or wastewater employee upon earning each class license certification shall receive a 25 cent per hour wage increase.

Town Manager Jonathan Leist’s new contracted rate is included in the ordinance. In a previous meeting, it was noted that Leist’s contract will reflect a pay increase up to $70,000 with the same amount of vacation and personal time.

The document also includes an explanation on how firefighters who hold town positions are to be paid if responding to a call during regular town business hours. Those employees will receive a stipend to be paid along with other departmental compensation for any fire responses.

Munroe also explained a change in the EMS Department.

“We went over some new information rates for EMS so that our three full-time EMTs can work eight hours of overtime,” commented Munroe. “Our director (Kathy Hart), I don’t know why but I love the fact that she would do it, took a pay cut to make that happen which will help us fill some of the spots that are hard to fill in our EMS Department. Kathy, thank you for that.”

“You’re welcome,” responded EMS Director Kathy Hart.

All five members of the Culver Town Council will receive a monthly rate of $274.16 each.

The ordinance passed unanimously on first reading.