Eastern Pulaski School Corporation to Offer School Bus Safety Training


The Eastern Pulaski School Corporation’s school bus drivers will be providing training on bus safety to all students who ride the bus and the rest of the student body.

According to information released by school officials, students will be taking part in a STOP/LOOK pledge where the students promise to always stop and look in both directions before crossing the street to get on their bus. There is also an effort being made to put reflective stickers on backpacks or clothing to make students more visible while they are around bus stop areas.

There is also an effort to give student drivers the opportunity to pledge to drive distraction free. The goal is to help convince student drivers to be extremely cautious and always watch for school buses and students. High school students will be attending an assembly in the near future which much of the information will be delivered.

Parents are also challenged with taking the same pledge to be distraction free.

For more information, contact High School Principal Rick DeFries at 574-946-6151 ext. 213.