Knox Board of Works Members Consider Request from Main Street Homeowners

The Knox Board of Works members considered a request from residents at 205 S Main Street when they met this week.

Mayor Dennis Explained that the homeowners were seeking permission to place a dumpster in the road in front of their home as they complete some roof work. He explained, “They absolutely have no room in their yard to put a dumpster and they can’t put it in the alley because of the garbage and all that.”

Estok recommended having them set a timeline. He noted they wouldn’t want the dumpster there for an extended amount of time since the placement would impact regular traffic flow on the street, as well as any snow plowing that may need to be done.

Board member Jim Collins asked if the owners were looking to start on this roof project right away. Building Administrator Kenny Pfost said when he coordinated with the contractor and the homeowner they only expect to need the dumpster there from Monday, December 3rd until Friday the 7th.

Collins asked Street Superintendent Jeff Borg if that timeline would work for him and his crew. Borg indicated that he initially thought the project would take about two weeks to complete so finding out that they only expect to have the dumpster on Main Street for less than a week was great for him to hear.

Superintendent Borg added that he typically places some barricades around the unit for safety purposes.

The board members unanimously approved the request.

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